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A stylish organic design by Hugo de Ruiter. During Dutch Design Week 2020, the Ameba has been awarded with the Good Industrial Design Award.

Within the concept “less is more”, this product consists of only 3 materials. The finishing is made from leather waste from the Dutch leather industry and it is also available in recycled wine corks or …


This sturdy lightweight cube is finished with CooLoo’s concrete coating based on waste materials. To give your¬†indoor and outdoor spaces that cool and sustainable look.

RealMetalCube MyPrecious

Hard and lightweight objects made from different precious metals like copper, brass and bronze. Every handcrafted object has a unique shape.

RealMetalCube Golden

The golden eye-catcher. Every handcrafted cube has a one-of-a-kind shape and brings a fancy touch to your surroundings.

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