Rethinking life cycles

Cooloo Endless Life® technologies

Rethinking life cycles

Cooloo Endless Life® technologies

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Cooloo develops and creates circular furniture, sustainable interior projects and materials for construction, made from residual materials such as leather, cork, jeans or stone in combination with bio-based binders.

What's the challenge?

Industries worldwide lose massive amounts of value by wasting time, energy and commodities because of the linear approach towards life cycles of products and materials. Furniture making and upholstery are beautiful crafts with a long history. Unfortunately, they are complex and generate large amounts of waste and are far from circular. For example, 11 billion kilograms of furniture ends up in landfill in the EU every year and the leather industry generates almost 5 billion kilograms of waste worldwide. 

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Cooloo Endless Life® - Productie - Fabriek - Coating - Cooloo develops circular furniture and sustainable interior projects

Cooloo Endless Life®

That is why Cooloo has developed Endless Life®, an out-of-the-box technology enabling creation, repair and refurbishment of upholstery and finishes in an ecological and economical way. This technology turns local waste materials into visible and tactile surfaces of any shape or size. The technology and materials are suitable for making furniture, walls, floors, ceilings and objects.

Our materials

CoolCork - Cooloo Material


CoolJeans - Cooloo Material


CoolLeather - Cooloo Material


CoolConcrete - Cooloo Material - Renovation & Construction



Internationally awarded and recognized materials, products and solutions developed in-house.


High-profile projects like Red Bull, DPG Media, TU Delft and Botanic Tower Brussels.


CO2 reduction

Up to 96% CO2 and waste reduction in (re-)upholstery and refurbishment.



Upcycled 10.000+ kg of waste materials from leather and post- consumer cork & jeans.

We are increasing our impact and speed up the implementation by working together with international joint ventures and license partners in facade, flooring, construction and renovation industries in different parts of the world. Utilizing waste materials into circular products locally with the Endless Life® technology.