A selection of our projects


A selection of our projects

Cooloo's portfolio

Cooloo has over two decades of experience in bespoke projects, interior design and furniture production. In collaboration with architects and designers, Cooloo creates the most amazing interiors from planters, stairways and acoustics to soft seating and refurbishment. All by upcycling as much waste as possible, and ecological application on any shape or surface.

Contact us and discover what we can do for you. The examples below show what projects and products we have already created.

Red Bull Office

Casper Schwarz and his team made optimal use of Cooloo’s technical capabilities for the new Red Bull office in the Amsterdam Houthavens. Organic concrete elements and the imposing staircase are made of Econcrete. In addition, 180 acoustically absorbing slats were made using the RealMetalRust coating.

Botanic Tower Brussels

Our Econcrete creation at the Botanic Tower in Brussels. In collaboration with Nachtraven we created a pantry, as well as an integrated table containing plants, and several planters. With a concrete finishing made from waste materials, that can be used to give your indoor and outdoor spaces that cool and sustainable look.

House of WOW Ibiza

For this special project, we’ve taken the existing furniture from WOW Ibiza, along with other repurposed pieces and contemporary designs, and transformed them using Cooloo’s sustainable coating technology. Our coatings are made from recycled materials such as concrete, leather, jeans, and even Spanish olive pits. What makes this project even more special is that all the transformations, including the remarkable makeover of the tables with our Econcrete coating, were carried out locally. This coating not only imparts a super cool and industrial look but also boasts strength, toughness, and waterproof qualities, making it an ideal choice for tables, chairs, floors, walls, and even bathroom spaces.

University of Utrecht

Together with the University of Utrecht, Cooloo created this circular lounge. The interior was totally renovated with a combination of refurbished furniture from the Universities’ own stock, circular sofa’s from Cooloo’s collection and customized window benches. A perfect example of Cooloo’s circular thinking with the high-end reuse of existing furniture, sustainable and recycled materials and customization.

Milan Design Week 2021 & 2022

We believe that beautiful, high-quality design and art can be created sustainably within a circular economy. Shaping a better world by thinking circular! With our collaborators and partners, we bring people together and inspire international companies and designers to close the circle. We showcased our circular design at several locations during Salone del Mobile – Milan Design Week. Want to read more?

TU Delft

For the new circular TU Delft ‘Echo’ building by UNStudio, we refurbished old orange couches, from the WorkBrands stock, with a CoolLeather coating made of old SECRID wallets. As well as all their old lecture room seats with a new soft and comfortable layer. To make it fit perfectly in their new building where instead of the aimed 50%… 90% of the furniture is re-used. 

Vibia’s launch at 3daysofdesign

For Vibia’s product launch during Copenhagen’s annual design event, Cooloo collaborated with Surface Club to create an authentic interior for a new lighting product line.


Our challenge? Matching the interior to the colors of the lamps. Achieving a cohesive and harmonious look was essential for highlighting the elegant and modern aesthetic of Vibia’s new collection. Custom furniture pieces such as tables, benches, and more were all created in custom colors combined with recycled materials.

Forum Groningen

In this new icon of Groningen you will find Cooloo products in no less than 4 different places. Playful colors and soft finish in the youth departments are combined with sleek shapes and neutral colors at the Expoplein and the Forum shop. The design by NL Architects and the Munnik-de Jong-Steinhauser has won numerous awards since its opening.

      Fortuna Vlieland

      Custom circular chairs have been created for the sustainable Fortuna Vlieland beer brewery. The CLT wooden frame holds the comfortable CoolCork seat in position using only 8 connection points. Easy to repair or refurbish in accordance with Cooloo’s circular vision.


      During the 2020 corona pandemic, more and more elderly people became separated from their friends and family. When Cooloo was asked to contribute to the Quarantainer project, ‘Yes’ was the only option. For the containers, which provide a safe meeting place at healthcare institutions, old chairs and tables were refurbished with Econcrete as well as acoustic panels and lounge elements with CoolLeather and CoolCork coatings.