Cooloo’s ecological coatings are designed and developed in-house. Cooloo transforms waste streams into high-end coatings for furniture and interior design applications. For instance waste streams such as concrete, leather, or even shredded banknotes. To do so, Cooloo is constantly looking for new coating possibilities using local waste streams. Furthermore, Cooloo develops resistant coatings for industrial clients that last in extreme indoor and outdoor conditions. And last but not least, coatings for locations that require high chemical resistance. 



The hard and sturdy coatings by Cooloo for indoor and outdoor applications. From rock-hard and super durable furniture, to chemical resistant solutions suitable for heavy-duty environments. Due to the flexible application, every shape and size can be coated. From new products to refurbishing projects. Applying colours and sustainable finishings made from waste materials like leather and concrete. Depending on the demands, the solutions offered can be waterproof, anti-bacterial, aesthetic, and circular.

    All available coatings:
    Econcrete, Polyurea full-color, RealMetals (Rust, Gold, Brass, Copper etc.), CoolLeather



    Comfortable, seamless, and circular. Cooloo’s flexible coatings offer a wide range of applications and possibilities. Waterproof furniture for indoors, outdoors, or in a spa, colourful finishes for acoustic panels, and sustainable finishings for refurbishment. Cooloo is a specialist in producing unique shapes and custom solutions in soft and flexible coatings. The flexible coatings are a sustainable alternative to upholstery.

        All available coatings:
        Polyurea, CooLLeather, CooLCork, RealMetalRust, RealMetalCopper, CooLFlex, CooLMarble, SoftConcrete, AestheticAcoustics



        The circular coatings combine the principles of the circular economy with the design philosophy and production techniques of Cooloo. Coatings made from consumer and industrial waste are used in high-quality interior and furniture solutions. Ideally suited for repair, refurbishment, and recycling. Bringing sustainability and high-end design together in a future proof concept.

            All available coatings:
            Econcrete, CoolCork, CoolLeather, CoolRubber, CoolVinyl, CoolBullit



            Cooloo’s polyurea based coatings are extremely suitable for renovation and waterproof finishing of walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs for the interior and exterior of any type of building and any surface. These industrial materials and applications are suitable for industrial and residential construction. Due to the short drying times and adhesion to almost any surface, the solutions can be applied quickly and flexibly in harsh industrial environments as well as in agro and food. The chemical resistance of the industrial coatings makes them even suitable for application in environments with very high chemical loads, such as in mushroom cultivation, where a lot of ammonia occurs.


                Cooloo strives for large-scale chain partnerships with international ambition. There are huge local waste flows all over the world and there is a need for sustainable products and solutions in emerging economies. That is why Cooloo wants to collaborate with companies around the world to make the knowledge and innovations available under licenses.