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Renovation & Construction​

After decades of developments, CEO Leo Schraven and his team have successfully developed applicable and scalable circular technology and materials, driven by the conviction that the construction and manufacturing industry must change sustainably. With the Endless Life® technology, we can make furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, and objects circularly, locally sourcing from recycled materials and using ecological bio-based binders. We provide architects, designers, project designers, and interior builders with future-proof options and solutions for sustainable and circular renovation & construction.

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Our materials

CoolCork - Cooloo Material


CoolJeans - Cooloo Material


CoolLeather - Cooloo Material


CoolConcrete - Cooloo Material - Renovation & Construction


Cooloo Endless Life® - Productie - Fabriek - Coating - Cooloo develops circular furniture and sustainable interior projects


In short, Cooloo’s circular spray techniques and materials are suitable for:

  • Floors, stairs, walls, ceilings and all kinds of objects
  • Outdoor roofing and facades
  • Easy maintenance and repair. We recommend an annual check-up, our so-called Endless life® maintenance program for your renovation & construction projects
  • Unique, distinctive brand identity and experience. Even with the customer’s own waste streams or industry-related residual materials
  • State of the art finishes within a fair budget
  • Reduction of new material, furniture or demolition work
  • Environmentally friendly, non-harmful and ecological production
  • CO2 reduction and bio-based materials


With high-profile projects such as Red Bull, Botanic Tower, TU Delft, and het Zandkasteel, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in using the developed materials on various surfaces and materials. Econcrete has proven to offer high added value in terms of application, appearance, durability, and lifespan.


Econcrete is a crack-bridging, strong and slightly elastic finish made from industrial waste in combination with bio-based binders. Its toughness makes it applicable to walls, floors, stairs, stands, furniture, planters and more. It can be seen as a natural stone-like finish or as a replacement for polluting cast floors.

Cooloo - Renovation & Construction - Picture at Red Bull - Casper Schwarz - Red Bull - Photographer Peter Baas


CoolConcrete - Cooloo Material - Renovation & Construction


CoolConcrete - Cooloo Material - Renovation & Construction


CoolConcrete - Cooloo Material - Renovation & Construction


CoolConcrete - Cooloo Material - Renovation & Construction


CoolConcrete - Cooloo Material - Renovation & Construction


CoolConcrete - Cooloo Material - Renovation & Construction


Portfolio Renovation & Construction

For projects of sufficient size, we are even happy to provide custom interiors and applications. Just take a look at project inspiration.