Lease high quality, circular and waterproof design furniture from Cooloo.


Lease high quality, circular and waterproof design furniture from Cooloo.


Did you know it is possible to lease design furniture from Cooloo? This circular concept allows you to enjoy high-end lounge furniture in your garden or on your roof terrace without having to worry about winter storage, buying protective covers, cleaning or maintenance. Ideal for everyone that wants to lounge luxurious and sustainable.

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How does leasing work?

We deliver the lounge set to your place of choice; you enjoy your new soft seating during the season (at least 6 months) and at the end of the season we pick up the furniture again. During the winter you can think about which set you want to have in your garden next year while we check, repair en refurbish where needed. The furniture is produced locally, based on waste materials and designed according to circular principles. That is why it can be economically and ecologically updated, repaired and refurbished. Cooloo combines luxury, design and sustainability. Are you going to enjoy it with us?

– Circular and sustainable.

– Antibacterial

– Fixed monthly amount per object.

– High-end quality product.

– As good as new every season.

– Modular system.

– No purchase of winter cover needed.

– Do not worry about storage, we will.

– A new look every year.

– Ready-to-use delivery.

– Produced in the Netherlands.

– Based on circular design.

– Created with local waste streams.

– Delivery and collection in the Benelux.

Check our lookbook for the models. The lease prices start from €34 per element per month. Contact us for more information. 

Lease period 
Number of elementsPrice per element per month*Total price per month*Total price per season* 
61€ 59€ 59€ 354
62€ 49€ 98€ 588
63€ 44€ 132€ 792
64€ 41€ 164€ 984
65€ 39€ 195€ 1.170
66€ 38€ 228€ 1.368
67€ 35€ 245€ 1.470
68€ 34€ 272€ 1.632

*Prices include VAT