a distinct character that radiates modest luxury


Studio Sluijzer is an Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary design studio. Owner and designer Robin Sluijzer began as a furniture maker and started his own studio twenty years ago. The designs of Studio Sluijzer have a distinct character that radiates modest luxury, a love for natural colors and shapes, and the use of sustainable materials.

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As one of the participants of the first Cooloo Circular Canopy, Studio Sluijzer was invited to use Cooloo’s innovative materials in a brand new design. The unique series of luxurious outdoor furniture will be set up at the rooftop of the Dutch Pavillion during the upcoming Salone del Mobile. The series consists of two daybeds, and two ice bucket-tables.

The design was inspired by the paradox that underlines Cooloo’s innovative coatings: made from residual materials such as leather and concrete, this coating is extremely durable and strong, but at the same time remains very soft to touch. Robin Sluijzer (1977), owner of Studio Sluijzer explains: “To me, this contradiction reminded me of a trompe de l’oeil – a technique used in art, to make people think that the objects are solid and real. The daybeds I designed look like they are made from slices of stone from a quarry, but on the contrary they are as comfortable as a foam mattress.”

The newly designed outdoor-series radiates the overall philosophy of Studio Sluijzer, that combines the element of surprise with a love for sustainable materials, an earthly inspired color scheme and natural forms and shapes. “Nature is an endless source of inspiration. We should honor and respect all materials, colors, forms and shapes it has to offer us”, says Sluijzer.

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