This ergonomically recycled sitting ball allows you to work in a very comfortable and sporty position. The Mercury ball is part of the Planets product line. Suitable for a sedentary profession and can also be used for exercises or as a design piece in your living space. In addition, this sitting ball is weatherproof and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use. The inflatable recycled PVC is finished with 100% recycled leather. Such as belts or upholstery leather, which is processed, the waste from this leather production ends up on the Mercury sitting ball. The sitting ball can be used for a workplace in the living room or outside on the terrace.

Good to know:
The Planets will be sent inflated.

Please note, the objects are made from waste materials. This may cause slight colour differences. Every product is unique.

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Additional information

Weight2.1 kg
Dimensions75 × 75 × 75 cm



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