CooLoo InExteriors

Next to the development and  production of foam furniture, CooLoo has developed coatings and finishings for walls, ceilings, floors and acoustic surfaces. Most of our finishings are based on waste materials such as cork, leather and high-quality sanding materials. In this way we are able to make aesthetic rooms for every purpose.

CooLoo’s coating spray techniques can be used to make rooms waterproof, durable and are applicable for leisure, office and industrial environments.

Our new Econcrete is a concrete plastering product which is comprised of 65% recycled waste from the stainless steel and diamond industries. Econcrete allows you to create concrete finishings on walls, floors and ceilings. Econcrete is suited to a range of settings; in hotels, restaurants, shops, bathrooms and more.

CooLoo is always looking to develop a broader range of waste materials into high-end products.

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