Everything there is to know about Cooloo x Milan Design Week 2022


Everything there is to know about 

Cooloo x the Milan Design Week 2022

COOLOO x Salone del Mobile 2022


"Cooloo - leader in the development of finishes and coatings - together with a pool of Dutch companies working on reuse and virtuous recycling; together they tackle the circular economy theme in a scenario with natural accents."
"But what to do with the furniture that cannot be disassembled and recycled? The Dutch startup Cooloo has found an interesting solution. High-quality coatings are made from existing residual flows such as denim, coffee grounds, marble grit or leather."
"This top layer is sprayed over discarded furniture, which gets a new cool look from faded jeans or cork. At the end of the cycle, the eco-coating itself can also be recycled. With a concrete-like surface. Hard yet soft."
"The rooftop display offered an al fresco moment of respite against a part of the city prone to industry—a juxtaposition to the opulent, traditional palazzo setting that played host to more of Cooloo’s radical material innovations."
"Furthermore, it is possible to discover the sustainable coating solutions obtained by processing waste materials deriving from different industries conceived by the Cooloo Coatings company."

Cooloo returns to Salone with The next step in circularity

After last year’s international success in Milano, Cooloo is back in town for the Salone del Mobile 2022. The Dutch radical innovators are part of Masterly –  the Dutch in Milano. Showcasing Cooloo’s latest sustainable materials and technologies, a circular material exhibition, plus a new collaboration in the small courtyard of the Palazzo Turati. As well as collaborations in throughout the city.


Winding your way past this piece you can enter the corridor to see and feel the raw waste materials that are the base of the coatings. Leather, cork, jeans and much more is on display to show you where it comes from and how it is processed into beautiful products. Finally, you will enter the lush small courtyard to see the collaboration with Kullar. A new furniture collaboration created for the transformation of the Peace Church in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This furniture set combines CNC milling and simple assembly with circular coatings by Cooloo. Creating a simple, robust and sustainable iconic line.

Cooloo_Photo-Neneh Reza Verburg_4 - LR
Cooloo x Sandra Keja Planken 01 - Neneh Reza Verburg - LR

The Dutch atelier

For the Dutch Atelier at Isola Design District, curated by Wisse Trooster we coated two objects: the mint table by Sandra Keja Planken with a special mint green Econcrete. And of course the amazing Foamblock chair by Teun Zwets. Discard pieces of foam, glued together and coated with Ameba technology and our CoolJeans coating, placed onto the Studio Wae circular carpets. But that’s not all…

Alcova & Marsèll

On the other side of the city there were two really special pieces. At Alcova we showcased a remanufactured Barcelona daybed by Paul Cournet, made from tennisbal foam and our flexible silver coating. The straps by ECCO Leather, and and attached to an original second hand Mies van der Rohe frame.


Finally there was the experience of Lisa Ertell and Jannis Zell at the Marsèll Paradise gallery. These two German designers made a flexible modular sofa coated with recycled leather from Marsèll shoes.