design can act as an agent for social renewal


DoepelStrijkers is an interdisciplinary design studio for interior, architecture and urban design. Driven by a fascination for aesthetics with substance, the office strives to generate works that transcend the spatial by creating social, ecological and economic value. Giving form to the process and financing is as important as the design itself. They believe that design can act as an agent for social renewal and are driven to develop strategies that contribute to a circular and inclusive economy.



One of the strategies employed to achieve these goals is the closing of material cycles. Resource efficient principles inform the supply driven design process in which the amount of material and waste is limited.

Recycled foam blocks of 2m x 2m x 1m form the point of departure for the design. With minimal cutting and waste material, a simple linear element is made that, when combined, forms a long strip of 4m x 0.37m x 0.76m. This soft foam element is rounded along one edge and is fitted with magnets in strategic places before being covered with Cooloo’s coatings. A multiple of configurations are possible, resulting in an array of spatially intriguing compositions. The magnets enable the elements to connect and stay in place, facilitating sitting, lounging and lying configurations.

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