Our goal at CooLoo is to create high quality ecological coating products with an infinite life. We use the highest quality materials that are solvent and CFC free to reduce our ecological foot- print. But we want to take it a step further. That is why we started the eCooLoogical program to minimize the amount of waste and harm to the environment.

Every product with the eCooLoogical stamp that we sell can be shipped back to us and will be accepted free of charge*. Upon return we will separate the coating from the foam. The coating will be shredded and made into base plates for new CooLoo products. The foam will be shredded an bound together to create new foam shapes that are ready to be coated into products of CooLoo quality. Moreover after it’s first life cycle of 7 to 10 years it is possible to re-coat the products to give it that brand new look and feel. Just contact us and we will be able to accommodate your request**.

So in the end, if you choose to purchase a CooLoo product embedded in the eCooLoogical program; you can be sure there will be no waste as a result of your purchase. And all materials can be reused to live another day.

*shipping costs not included ** price per request